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What is the Star Sign of Xavi?

Xavi Hernandez is a professional soccer player born on January 25, 1980. He is an Aquarius, which is an air sign that is known to be innovative, independent and cerebral. An Aquarius is also a sign that often goes against the grain, and this is something that is seen in Xavi’s playing style.

Xavi was born in Terrassa, Spain, and began playing soccer at a young age with his local team, Terrassa. From a young age, Xavi showed promise as a player, and was eventually scouted and signed by FC Barcelona in 1997. Throughout his career with Barcelona, Xavi managed to revolutionize the midfield and demonstrate complete control of the game.

His genius level of play, technical ability and superior ball control gave him a unique skill set. It’s this skill that allowed him to become one of the most individualized players of his era. Not only was he exceptional on the field, but Xavi remained humble off the field and in interviews. He was also recognized as a leader in the locker room, and was often given extra captain responsibilities.

Xavi has managed repeatedly to stay ahead of the curve throughout his career. Often coming out with new and unique strategies when playing the game, Xavi is an innovator, something the Aquarius sign stands for. His determination, perseverance and tenacity echo the same birthday traits of requiring any task to be tackled head on.

As an Aquarius, Xavi has a competitive nature, as he’s committed to outdoing himself. It’s this competitive spirit that has allowed him to maintain consistency in an ever changing landscape of soccer. Xavi’s commitment to his craft and desire to perfect his game is something that Aquarians strive for, and it’s this drive that has allowed him to achieve such greatness in the sport.

Throughout his career, Xavi has managed to be a part of 8 major championships with Barcelona, and 4 major championships with Spain. After leaving Barcelona at the peak of his career, Xavi moved onto becoming the coach of Al Queensuriya Sports Club in the 2018-2019 season. After a successful two years as of April 2020, Xavi announced his move to the manager role of Barcelona.

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Overall, Xavi is an excellent example of the spirit of an Aquarius. He is dedicated, innovative, independent and an example of great team leadership. These traits have allowed him to achieve a great level of success in the Soccer world, and it’s his zodiac sign that has given him the determination to push through even the toughest of challenges. There is no doubt that Xavi Hernandez is an example of what one can achieve if they are willing to work hard and harness the power of the Aquarius within them.

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