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What is the Star Sign of Yoshiki?

Yoshiki is a musician, a songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist of the Japanese rock band X Japan. His birthday is November 20th, making him a Scorpio. Scorpios are known to be passionate, resourceful and profound, qualities that suit Yoshiki well.

Born in Tateyama, Chiba, Japan, Yoshiki was exposed to music at a very young age and grew up learning classical music from his mother. His musical interests grew through his middle school years and he eventually formed X Japan with a few of his friends. His childhood love of classical music was combined with his natural talents and creative vision to create some of the most influential and beloved rock music of Japan. His style of compounding classical music with 80s rock makes his music unique in its genre.

Yoshiki is a Scorpio to the core, able to connect to his creative and sensitive side and recognizing that passions are the vehicles of success and fulfillment. Knowing this, Yoshiki uses his passion and abundance of energy to put into creating the best music he can, coming up with original sounds that transcend fashion, language, and location. He is able to tell a story without the use of conventional lyrics, lyrics that were created to express the fullness of a person’s thoughts and feelings. His own feelings and experiences are an integral part of his music, but he uses them as universal experiences that all can relate to, evoking emotion and inspiring others to feel and live passionately.

Yoshiki is also a great example of how, as a Scorpio, one can take calculated risks and make progress in life with determination and the ability to make tough decisions. He had the courage to leave the classical music of his upbringing behind and pursue his own dreams of rock music. He used his business acumen to stand behind X Japan and leave no stone unturned in his quest for success. He took the risks that many of us hesitate to take, often coming out of it as an even more successful musician.

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Yoshiki uses the passion, determination and resourcefulness that comes with his zodiac sign of Scorpio to achieve success in the music industry, evolving the Japanese rock scene and leaving a legacy of inspiring music. In a landscape of constant change in the music industry, it is his passion and drive that sees him still creating music and inspiring listeners long after his fame had faded. His astrological sign seems to be a true reflection of his life, unable to limit him in expressing an ever-evolving creativity, and able to connect with the world and influence others through the power of his music.

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