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What Star Sign is Michelle Obama?

Michelle Obama is a charismatic and empowering leader, who was born on January 17, 1964, making her a Capricorn. People born under the Capricorn sign tend to be quite private and aloof, reserved and focused on what is important to them. They are often described as ambitious yet level headed; shrewd while being conservative. This certainly portrays the Trailblazer that Michelle is today.

Michelle was born in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in a working class home, raised in a deeply religious environment. She attended an Ivy League university and would eventually land her first job in the same public sector institution that paved the way for her. Michelle’s success is well documented, from her time working at the city hall of Chicago, to becoming the First Lady of the United States.

It’s no surprise then that some of the most defining characteristics of Capricorn would be mirrored in Michelle Obama’s life. Capricorn’s are known to be highly driven and hard working, with practical ambition and a rough exterior. They are also fiercely loyal and family-oriented, often leading by example. This is certainly what Michelle has achieved. She was appointed as Executive Director of the Chicago Public Library and then, of course, her illustrious time as the First Lady of the United States. Michelle was an outspoken advocate for women’s and girls’ rights, health and well-being. During her time as FLOTUS, she has inspired millions of people worldwide and achieved several successes notably, fighting against childhood obesity issues programs for education, Nourish-school lunch programs and many more great initiatives.

Michelle Obama is surely a trailblazing Capricorn, who is no stranger to hard work and dedication. Like all Capricorn’s, she dreamed big, worked hard and achieved her ambitions. It is no wonder then, that she is remembered by many as one of the most inspiring and iconic figures of her time. We can learn from her example and her ambition to set high standards and reach for our goals, no matter our zodiac sign.

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