What is Sarah McLachlan’s Zodiac Sign?

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What is Sarah McLachlan’s Zodiac Sign?

Sarah McLachlan was born on January 28, 1968, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, making her a Aquarius in astrological terms. Aquarians are described as altruistic, independent, and see the unique beauty in everything. This certainly stands true with Sarah’s life and career.

Sarah was exposed to music from an early age, as her parents attended classical and jazz concerts, and she attended nursery choruses. Upon completing high school, she studied voice and piano at Nova Scotia’s Dalhousie University for two years before dropping out to pursue her musical career. She was later accepted as a member of the Canadian Children’s Opera Chorus, and appeared in their productions of La Bohème and Dido and Aeneas. It was at this point when Sarah realized that her true passion was for writing music.

Once she began focusing on writing, Sarah McLachlan found great success with her first album, Touch, which was released in October 1988. In the early ‘90s, her music began to pick up steam with hits, such as “Possession” and “Good Enough.” She released her second album, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, in 1993, which is her most successful album to date and has been certified 3x platinum in Canada. In 1995, she released her third album, Surfacing, which featured the hits “Building a Mystery” and “Sweet Surrender.”

As her fame grew, Sarah McLachlan began to turn her music towards charitable causes. She founded the charity, The Sarah McLachlan School of Music in 2000, providing free music education to children in need. She also created Lilith Fair, which was a touring music festival with proceeds going towards local charities in each city. She has lent her support and presence to several other charitable causes throughout her career, including the UNICEF Tap Project and Free the Children.

Aquarius is represented by the water bearer, inviting creative and progressive thinking along with tolerance and humanitarianism. Sarah McLachlan certainly showcases these qualities not only in her music, but in her philanthropy. She is a singer-songwriter who creates honest music with a unique and beautiful point of view, which has led her and her music to be accessible to people of all backgrounds and ages. Her individuality and strong moral compass has seen her become one of the most successful and beloved singer-songwriters of her generation, all because of her Aquarius personality.

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