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What is the Astrological Sign of Peter Gabriel?

The birthday and zodiac sign of Peter Gabriel, a major figure in popular music for the last four decades, is February 13th, making him an Aquarius.

Those born under this sign are known to be free-spirited, inventive, independent, and rebellious. They often challenge conventions and long-held beliefs and behaviours, and as a musician, Peter Gabriel certainly fits this mould. Born in Chobham, England in 1950, Gabriel grew up surrounded by music, thanks to both his piano-playing father and the fact that he himself was part of the choir at the local church. In 1966, he became part of the original lineup of the progressive-rock band Genesis, before eventually moving on to a solo career in 1975.

From the beginning, Gabriel has demonstrated a musical style that was unconcerned with convention and boundaries. He often experimented with different genres, from prog rock to classical and jazz, all while drawing influence from a variety of international traditions, from Latin American rhythms to African instruments. His lyrics were often abstract, and often philosophical or political in nature. In the early 80s, he created the first ever music video for “Sledgehammer”, which exposed him to a much larger audience and marked the beginning of a new era of pop music in which videos and MTV were key to success.

This originality seems to fit perfectly with the Aquarian spirit, which is often seen as forward-thinking, progressive, and non-conforming. While Aquarians (and Gabriel) are often keen supporters of causes, they can also be somewhat detached and content to be an observer, something reflected in much of Gabriel’s music.

This willingness to break with convention is what makes him such an enduring musical figure. His influence can be seen in much of the music that has come out in the last four decades, from Peter Gabriel’s own music to the music of his contemporaries in the prog-rock and new wave movements, as well as in today’s EDM and pop stars. As a testament to his influence, he has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and received several awards for his innovative spirit and album production.

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Whether through his experimental use of instruments, heavy effect-laden production, his tendency to stand firmly outside the mainstream, or his willingness to examine themes of alienation and alienation— all of these borrow heavily from the rebellious and cosmopolitan spirit of the Aquarian sign. Peter Gabriel exemplifies the classic Aquarius: ambitious and innovative, detached but passionate, and most importantly, refusing to be bound by convention.

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