What is the Zodiac Sign for Pope Alexander VI?

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What is the Zodiac Sign for Pope Alexander VI?

Pope Alexander VI was born January 1st, 1431 and is an Aquarius. People born under the sign of Aquarius are known for being independent, humanitarian, original, and non-conformist. Aquarians generally have an appreciation for art and philosophy and are at their best when they use their originality and independence to foster progress or revolutionize their field. This was definitely the case for Pope Alexander VI, born Rodrigo Borgia in Valencia, Spain.

One of the most notorious figures in Church history, Rodrigo was the son of a noble Valencian courtier and grew up in a powerful dynasty. He served as a Cardinal from the age of 25, and, like many Aquarians, had a tendency to look beyond convention and was often willing to use questionable tactics in pursuit of his goals. His willingness to use unconventional methods, combined with his power and influence, making him an uncompromising, relentless figure in the papacy.

His ambition to increase the power and prestige of his family was initially his main driving force, and it pushed him to use every opportunity he had to acquire more wealth and power. His ambition lead to his election as Pope, a role he often wielded with grand and decrees and marked with ambitious public works – another Aquarian trait.

He established Roman citizenship, hosted the first public carnival in the Square of St. Peter and was determined to use the resources available to him to improve the city. He was also known for lavishly decorating and renovating the Vatican Palace, a symbol of his great wealth and influence. This could represent the Aquarian tendency toward the arts and architecture, to improve life around them and make some kind of lasting impression.

Pope Alexander VI was no doubt a controversial figure – no Aquarian would be complete without that trait. His decisions and behaviors became the source of multiple accusations, scandals, and arrests. His rampant nepotism, alleged simony, and his acceptance of bribes resulted in a struggling reputation for the Church that remains to this day. However, it was his uncompromising will and ambition, characteristics of an Aquarius, that enabled him to stay at the helm of the papacy for 11 years and remain in power and influence despite the many scandals that surrounded him.

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Pope Alexander VI is certainly an example of how Aquarians can use their independence and originality for good, or how their abilities can be corrupted and misused to further only their own interests. Aquarius’ goals could either be inspiring or detestable depending on their motivations, and though Rodrigo’s papacy is still marred by controversy, his courage and ambition remain. He was an unyielding leader, unafraid to break with tradition in search of progress, making him a classic Aquarian ruler.

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